What is Attraction Marketing Anyway?


There is so much talk nowadays going on regarding using attraction marketing or reverse marketing instead of “push” marketing in order to develop lasting relationships with your customers, clients or leads and gain a following.  So what is attraction marketing anyway?

Attraction marketing is when you have created valuable content, whether in the form of videos, blog posts, articles or social media, that your potential prospects are searching  for, and because of the value you provide in addition to your with your branding or persona, they are attracted to your content and your offering.

What Businesses Benefit From Attraction Marketing?

Attraction marketing works well, especially if you have a network marketing business where you want to sponsor more team members that are searching for a mentor to lead them and who has the tools and training in place for them to follow and also be successful.

Attraction marketing also works if you are a service provider like a business or life coach, consultant, author, lawyer, doctor, massage therapist, etc.., where people are searching online for expertise in your area of practice.


Choose Attraction Marketing When You’re Tired of Chasing Friends and Family to see your Business

One of the benefits of using an attraction marketing strategy is that you can target your market by identifying their needs and desires.  After you figure out your targets need, then you educate than on your area of expertise. You will want to create content that specifically describes the challenges they are facing or in other words what “pains’ are they experiencing in their business or in life.

For network marketers, one of our biggest challenges is finding more quality people to sponsor into our business.  People, who are ambitious, go getters, who are dedicated to their own success, and want to grow their business.  For lawyers, for example, our challenge may be attracting the right types of clients to their practice…clients that understand a lawyer’s fee process and are prepared to pay what the fee and see the value in the legal services.

In that same content you are also going to provide solutions to their challenges and pains. For the lawyer example one solution may be to create a video series that teaches the lawyer how to create a series of videos explaining what a client’s needs before seeing the lawyer and the typical costs for the services.


Create a Relationship and Develop Trust

Did you know that you typically need to communicate with a leads at least 5-8 times before they feel that they know, like and trust you well enough to make a purchase from you or take action in any way that you have been suggesting?  After you have attracted someone to your valuable content, in order for you to continue to develop a relationship with the site visitor that soon converts into a lead and then a client or customer you got to be to send them more valuable information.  The best way to do this is through an autoresponder and placing an opt-in form on the front of your website that gives away a free report in exchange for their email address.  Once they fill out the information, you can set up the autoresponder to instantly send them an email with your free report and continue to send them more valuable information that your target market desires.

How do you plan to Use Attraction Marketing in your Business? I would love to hear from you below.  Please feel free to leave a comment and share this message on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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