VIP Day Program


Exclusive One on One Consultation with Marketing and Passion to Profit Strategist Nichole Kelso.

This is the highest level of consultation that Nichole provides. A VIP Day is designed for those entrepreneurs who are extremely laser focused, committed and willing to work really hard on their business to propel it further and faster. It is only open to a select few individuals globally because, Nichole may only hold 16 VIP Days per year. The VIP Day requires a major commitment from Nichole and you, the VIP entrepreneur. The selection of entrepreneurial candidates for a VIP Day with Nichole is by application process.

Some of the topics a VIP Day may include:

  • Review of your website and irresistible offer
  • Creating a Video Marketing Monetization map
  • 52 Frequently asked questions- Answer outlines to create a years worth of weekly blog content
  • Writing 1-3 scripts or outline
  • Shooting 1-3 marketing videos on the spot
  • Studio set up and equipment resources
  • Evaluation of your on camera delivery
  • Quick mac editing
  • Creating your Youtube Channel
  • Uploading a video
  • Search engine optimization
  • Video marketing calendar
  • Video social media integration with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

One on one Video Strategy Consultation is extremely unique for each VIP entrepreneur. It’s a full day! Imagine in one day realizing that you now have the tools to be able to inspire and impact people all over the world with your message, products and services. Think about the breakthroughs and “AHA!” moments you could experience!

A VIP Day is perfect for the entrepreneur or business owner concerned about sharing confidential information, trade secrets, marketing ideas or business plans within a high level group coaching session. Instead you are able to share your visionary ideas with Nichole, a trusted business strategist, expert and advisor.

Investment Costs:
$11,997.00 It is a Full day spanning 6-8 hours and the most intensive way to bring results to your business and its video marketing plan of action. You may bring a guest, either your assistant or social media manager.

Includes: 1 night hotel suite accommodations at the __________Hotel in _______________, California, and VIP Limousine service from LAX.

At least five (5) days prior to the scheduled VIP Day, Nichole will have an 1 hour pre-consultation appointment via phone to provide your assignments required prior to the VIP Day session.


  • Up to 5 video marketing scripts reviewed and rewritten
  • Customized Video Info Product Blueprint

If you are serious about using video marketing to increase your business credibility, and reach globally, please contact All VIP DAYs are subject to application process only.

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