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praise_nbwilliamsWhen I signed up with Nichole Kelso for business guidance I wasn’t sure what to expect. My practice was very slow and I just didn’t know what to do to bring in more patients. Nichole’s coaching gave me the tools I needed to take my marketing for my practice to a new level. I have seen a significant increase in new patient appointments and an increase in monthly revenue. My practice is doing so much better and is seeing exponential growth. I am so appreciative for the new found knowledge I have gained from the guidance and support I’ve received from Nichole Kelso.

Dr. Nitalya Williams, Orthodontist



Nichole Kelso is the type of life and business coach that people should know about.  Nichole has a way of putting HERSELF in YOUR situation and offering the best advice  or direction.   Nichole has always thought outside the box and offers suggestions appropriate to your specific need and tailored to your  situation. A successful life coach such as Nichole is also the best business coach because she gets to know YOU as a person and then is able to offer multiple and appropriate solutions.  She’s not only insightful with business but an incredible talent. When Nichole sings…the music comes from her spirit.   The songs sound as though they came from deep in her soul.  Her singing is inspiring and uplifting!
Francine C., Audiologist


praise_horscheraveI had this great idea however I didn’t know how to get it going. Nichole Kelso immediately gave me a mixture of ingredients that helps me believe that my idea could actually be a viable business because I had direction. She asked me what I wanted to do and asked me why am I the person to do it and subsequently gave me over a dozen resources to consult in starting up my business.  Not only is Nichole an inspirational leader but she has also a been an invaluable resource for directing my path of action.

Raven Radley, Equestrian Fashion Designer



It was incredible. I just won Cupcake Wars and was so excited to showcase my delicious confections. At the time, my current website didn’t reflect the new direction of my company and needed to rebrand ASAP. With the help of Nichole and her services, she provided not only a great resource in getting my website done in a timely manner but guided me with the development in order to make a positive, impressionable mark on the world with my brand.
Crystal Nicole Jones, Gourmet Cupcake Creator


Nichole Kelso has a wealth of information on how to jump start your business. What has especially impressed me is her knowledge in social media and internet marketing in general. She is also very talented. Her singing voice is golden. She is a great mother. Seeing how she juggles her career and family is exemplary of how a woman can do it all.

Natasha Williams, CEO Educator



praise_lisaupshawNichole has helped me see that my dreams really are within reach and with her, I’ve been hitting milestones that have lead to the growth of my success. Nichole gave me a systematic approach to reaching my goals- she kept me accountable to my dreams and supported my journey in getting there.
Dr. Lisa Upshaw



Nichole provided valuable guidance with the re-design of my website. Being that I am a freelance filmmaker, marketing and branding is key in obtaining new clients. Seeing the bigger picture, Nichole was able to offer insightful suggestions not only marketing who I am now in my career but the marketing that absolutely expresses my value as a Film Editor. It acts like my first interview; the potential client not only gets to view my work, bio, testimonials but they get to see who I am as a person and the contribution I can make for their team. I am getting calls for work due to my new and improved website. This website creates the potential of who I can become. I now have an exceptional website that no other editor has come close to creating. It wows and engages people. I get more work from it that I wasn’t getting before.

I also wanted to note that Nichole has an exceptional listening skills and from her listening is where her intuitive answers come from. It’s not cookie cutter template that she is using. She see the vision of her client, understands it from really listening to them and then she customizes an effective personalized marketing plan.
The client’s personality comes shining through giving the website life versus feeling like a generic corporate website. It’s the genuine heart, the layers in which its presented that people connect to with the final product.
Tina Imahara, Award Winning Editor
The Cannes Film Festival
Sundance Film Festival
Emmy and Oscars Nominations



Nichole’s coaching was invaluable. I learned to identify the barriers that have been holding me back. She was incredibly skilled at asking the tough questions that helped me see things from different perspectives, and she then held me accountable for achieving my goals. Nichole is not only challenging and insightful, but also patient and understanding, with remarkable instincts and knowledge. The skills and concepts I learned from her will be invaluable for the rest of my career and life.

As a small business owner, there are never enough of hours in the day to do it all. Nichole helped me realize that I didn’t have to do it all and that there are others out there that can help me. She helped me find the right partners without expending hours of doing the research. Nichole is a great resource.
Dena Brummer, Graphic Designer/ Marketing Consultant



Working with Nichole Was one of the best business decisions I made. As a new startup company, I didn’t have a large budget to hire a big marketing firm to help develop my brand, find my niche, design my website, or develop a marketing plan. In fact, i didn’t know anything about the aforementioned. walked into my first meeting with Nichole not knowing where to start and completed her program knowing: what search engine optimization means, how to incorporate SEO into all of my online marketing efforts, and the best ways to start branding myself & my firm so that I could reach my target market using her ‘do it yourself’ techniques. Her program is perfect for startup companies or anyone who wants to achieve big marketing goals without expending big marketing bucks!”

Merissa Grayson, Esq.



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