Network Marketing Recruiting – 5 Easy Steps to be Great at Sponsoring Leads

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If you have a Network Marketing business, you know that

Network Marketing Recruiting

is critical in building your  business and increasing your residual income. So, you have to get yourself prepared to start talking to a lot of people if you want to get your business to that level that you truly dream about.

What does that really mean? No more excuses about it not really being a great time to call your friend “Sally”, for example, because she is getting the kids ready for school, or because she’s usually driving to the gym at this time, or she is making lunch, dinner, etc…you get where I’m going? Do not talk yourself out of making your contacts.

So here are some easy tips that will make it more clear for you as to how you can really become an awesome network marketing recruiter.


5 Easy Steps to be Great  at Sponsoring Leads


  1. Reach out and Touch Someone. I may be dating myself but I remember this slogan from a telephone company back in the day. It was persuading you to just pick up the phone and make that contact.  Schedule to make a certain number of calls at a specific time, whether its daily or weekly. That is tip number one. You have got to actually communicate with your network marketing leads in order for you to recruit them. Making a one on phone call is really the best way to make a personal introduction to you and your business, whether you are contacting your warm market or someone who has been drawn to you through your use of attraction marketing on the internet. Personally invite them to view your business opportunity using the techniques and training that your network company offers.
  2. Listen to figure out WIIFM reason. You have to tune into the famous radio station WIIFM, What’s In It For Them. No one is going to join you in your network marketing business because of you.  They are going to become part of your team because of their own reasons why. So listen to what is their “why”. Are they looking for more time freedom? Are they looking for a way to stay home with their children and still generate income? Are they looking for a way to prepare themselves better financially for retirement? Once you really hear their “why” then you can give them examples of how your business opportunity can help benefit their “why”.
  3. Don’t be afraid of  “rejection”. Not everybody will want to join your business, but everybody you talk to may know someone who will want to join your network marketing business. So, don’t feel dejected, rejected, and down right ejected from your state happiness if someone says no to you that you were just counting on being a perfect part of your business organization.  You just thank them for their time and move on. Say to yourself “Next”, or if you have to you just might say it out loud, and laugh it off.  There are others out there just like you looking for the same opportunity you provide. You just have to keep moving forward, and being forward thinking in your network marketing and prospecting efforts.
  4. A positive attitude attracts. Do you want to know a secret? So many people are attracted to a smile, a laugh and a genuine desire to help people. That’s what most network marketers actually want to do. They want to help people use fantastic products that will better their lives, and they also want to introduce a potentially life changing business opportunity. So, definitely stay positive, because what you have to offer is very valuable.
  5. Keep it going. When you find an approach that is working, and recruiting network marketing leads every time for you, don’t change it, duplicate it. Continue to do those things that work for you in recruiting more reps into your network marketing business, getting you closer to network marketing success.

Blessings and Success,