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I’m Nichole “Ayanna” Kelso, marketing muse and mentor, mommy, wife, singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, runner, and lawyer …whew, that was a mouthful.

Thank you so much for visiting me. Hopefully, I will get the opportunity to get to know you and after getting to know me a bit, you will want to partner up with me in business, get some great coaching, and also join me on a journey to living an absolutely fantastic life that dreams are made of…

Avon Lady at 14 years old, lol!
When I really think back, I have always been an entrepreneur. From the time I was allowed to set up shop on the corner in front of my house as a kid. I sold lemonade, cookies, ceramic dolls my sister’s and I had painted, and vases my Mom found in bulk for sale in some outlet warehouse. I was even an Avon lady with my best friend at just 14 years old. That was so fun and crazy going door to door selling make-up to the ladies in the neighborhood.

Own Record Label, Sang Live on MTV
I had a passion for business and music. Putting the two together I couldn’t help but get into the “music business”. I was always known as the girl with the “BIG” voice but little did a lot of promoters and radio program directors know that I was also the one on the phone booking our promo dates and appearances. As a teen and in my twenties, my sisters and I had a singing group called Nik-Tash’Ta. We had a major record contract that didn’t result in anything, so we took our career by the reigns before it was even popular we started our own record label. As a UC Berkeley graduate, I was aware of technology and could already see the importance of the internet in marketing. We created our record label website in 1995, angelcity.com. We performed live on MTV, and also funded our own music videos which aired on BET, and a host of local networks throughout the US and the Caribbean.

Did I also say that I was an undercover nerd, and academic, with deep desire to excel intellectually? Well, I couldn’t help myself and I just had to go to law school and become a lawyer, too.

Lawyer and Real Estate Investor
In my first years after finishing law school I practiced as an entertainment and internet lawyer (intellectual property). However, I turned in those longs hours and late night parties be able to spend more time with my super fantastic hubby, Kelso (Yep, he just goes by our last name) and really get into real estate investing.

We renovated homes, bought new houses and put in tenants, and built homes from the ground up. I loved real estate but we really got hit hard by the downturn in the market. I continued to practice law, but I was now a real estate attorney.

Welcomed Baby Girl
Four years after we were married we welcomed our baby girl into the Kelso family. I just remember looking into her eyes and it hit me, I had an awakening. My eyes were opened so to speak. I asked myself, “How can I tell her she can do and be whomever and whatever she wants in this world while I was not doing that for myself?” I wanted to go back to my roots of being a singer/songwriter as well as coach and empower people especially, women and Mom’s on how they can live a dream life profiting from doing what they love, owning their own business.

I Almost Died
I started to make my journey to providing just that, then became pregnant and was slowed down quite a bit with extreme exhaustion and heart palpitations. Right after the birth of my son, I almost died. My pulse dropped to only 50 over 32 (it’s supposed to be a healthy 120 over 80) and my heart was working overtime at 126 beats per minute heading towards a cardiac arrest. Just like in the movies I was rushed to emergency surgery. I still remember going under the anesthetic and thinking this could be the last time I see all of the people I love, AND that I only saw my newborn son for a just a moment.

Life is so precious and you have to cherish every moment. You really are not promised tomorrow so don’t wait until tomorrow to take even the smallest steps to pursue your dream. After recovering and getting strong enough to push forward I started making those small steps and I am going to show you the things I did that you can follow step by step on your own journey. You really have to lead by example and as the old cliché says, Actions speak louder than words.

Live Your Life to the Fullest with Passion
So plan those trips to incredible places around the world, plan to meet, new interesting and inspiring people, and join me on this journey to your best-life.

So, I wholeheartedly invite you to team up with me and I will take you on this fantastic journey to the life that you truly deserve. Enjoy my training videos and please let me know if they have been helpful for you in building your internet based business and network marketing business and the dream-life you deserve.

Learn How To

  • Set Your Magnetic Client Funnels on Autopilot
  • Escape your 9-5 Faster but use it to fund your dreams
  • Have leads eager to join your team calling you to enroll them
  • Implement Low Cost Low Risk Marketing to get new and repeat business
  • Cut your practice Days to 3-4 days while making more and more money
  • Create the Life You Really Truly, in Your heart want AND Deserve
  • Fix your website so that its an online cash machine 24/7
  • Be seen and admired as an expert in your Business or Opportunity
  • Use the power of Social Media, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to get you there faster than ever before

So if you are the kind of positive, go-getter business person that wants to achieve everything that available for you in life, like me, let’s team up, so that I can teach you how to get you to that place where your personal wellness and financial wellness are at the level where you visualize you are in your dream life!

If you are an ambitious, caring, heart centered person, ready to take your success in your own hands, I invite you to read my blog posts, view the videos, join one of my coaching programs, or make the decision to join me in my network marketing business, and learn the secrets of our success.

Blessings and Success,

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