5 Tips to Turn your Passion into Profits – Here’s How


How do you Turn Your Passion into Profits?

As business minded entrepreneurs, we should always be open to business opportunities that keep our companies growing, as well as keep our souls and spirits fed, so that we continue to enjoy what we do.  So how do we keep our passions integrated into our business models, even if we feel that our opportunity to explore that passion is past our prime. You may no longer be able to be that Teen pop star, but what you can do that incorporates that passion into your business and everyday life.  Here are 5 Tips to take your passions and transform them into potentially profitable business ventures.


5 Tips to Transform Your Passion into Profits

1. Do what you Love– if you have the ability to still do what you love and you are good at, go for it!  Start writing your novel and getting it out there, make your jewelry and start offering it for sale, start your day spa, and help people relax, heal, and escape and to an oasis you’ve created.  If you can still sing, do it, and find your audience in the world. Jump in and make it happen.

2.  Create and/or Sell a Related Product – What can you sell or offer that relates to your passion.  In the Teen Pop star example, can you write music that is still young, fresh, and relatable and get it licensed for other artists to sing, or use in television and film.  If you love jewelry, consider what it takes to open a jewelry store, or even starting a network marketing business with one of the hot network marketing jewelry companies that offer you the ability to showcase their catalogue and profit from items you sell.

3. Roll out the Red Carpet– Can you create an event around your passion? Yes, you can. Why not create a local talent showcase, for the hottest teen pop singers in your area, or an Ongoing open mic for singer/songwriters, video tape it and get them some exposure online for a fee.  Or for the jewelry lover, hold a bazaar with the local designers, or pair it with a fashion showcase, an invite the ladies out for a day of tea, jewelry and fashion…can you tell I’ve been to an event like this and it was FABULOUS.

4. Offer How to Information– The information age is alive and well.  You can Rock your passion on the internet by offer how to informational products that can teach and train people interested in the same things you are passionate about.  Maybe, for the Teen pop Star example, can offer a course on singing and stage presence.  For the jewelry designer, you can offer a course on jewelry design, or better yet, how to get your jewelry into major department store chains…if you know how, or can interview other experts on how to do such a feet, and offer the interview for sale, with a workbook, or website modules.

5.  One on One Coaching– You’ve got the knowledge, the passion and the drive.  I’m pretty sure someone will want to pay you to create a custom blueprint for them to follow in order to be successful in the area you are so passionate about.  Why not offer your coaching and consulting to individuals looking for someone to hold their hand, keep them accountable and offer to help them create their  map to their own road to success.


This just touches on a few of the ways that you can turn your passion into profit.  You can just see the flow of ideas that can come to mind when you really think of how you can monetize doing something you love to do anyway.  Do these tips now give you an idea of how you can take your passion and turn it into profit?  What are some of the ideas you may have that will allow you to do what you love and turn it into a profitable business venture?  Also, let me know if you are interested in my assistance in helping you formulate a plan of action toward your goal.


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