5 Steps to Become Known as an Expert Fast

Want to Become Known as an Expert?

Are you trying to figure out how to become known as the “go to” person in your industry? When you start a business and you are beginning to make a name for yourself you wants to be able to attract as many people as possible to your product or message, as quickly as possible. Why? Because when you first start out, your momentum is high. You are excited about your new venture, and what better way to stay on top of your euphoria than to start seeing the fruits of your venture bare customers and fans for you and your products quickly.

There are so many tools available on the internet that levels the playing field for entrepreneurs on a limited budget, to be able to compete for the market share of potential customers who were once thought to be capture-able only by the “big brand” companies.  This also goes for those of you who are trying to get your name out there as the “go-to” person in your industry. So here are 5 Powerful Steps that you can take to blast yourself into stardom in your industry, whether you want to figure out how to become known as a Life Coach, Business Consultant, Network Marketing Leader, Chef, Stylist, Lawyer, even Singer or whatever business you are in:

How to Become Known In Your Industry in 5 Simple Steps

1.  Set up a Blog. You may have heard this before but have no idea why you need to one, but you do.  This step is only requiring you to get it set up, not to write anything just yet. What you want to do, is set up a Word Press blog with your own domain name (domain name about $10 a year) and hosting account (about $10 a month) (so not a free blog). The domain name of your blog doesn’t have to be your personal name but can also be something that is catchy and relates to your industry or business.

2.  Research Keyword Phrases People in your Field are using to search for information. Whenever you go to search engines like Google, Bling, or Yahoo, you write into the search box what you are looking for what you wrote is recorded in the search engine and is considered a Keyword Phrase.  Google has a free Keyword Search Tools, Google Adwords Keyword Tool, that tells you how often people globally and locally search for such phrases per month. Not only does it tell you the number of people that search for a particular phrase, but also related Keyword Phrases and the number of searches those phrases get per month. This is information is great to know because it helps you become known as the person who provides people with the valuable content they seek in your industry.

Put In the Effort to Become Known Fast

3. Write 90 articles in 90 days. You want to become known and get famous fast. Well, the popularity you seek doesn’t come without putting in the work. Using the keyword phrases you researched, write 90 articles on topics that you know are being search for each month in your field. To figure out what to write you can enter in some of the keyword phrases you searched in Google search and see what pops up.  Read some of those articles to get ideas for yours and then write it. Submit each article to 5 popular article directories such as ezineearticles and link them back to the blog you set up.

4. Sign up for an Autoresponder. Sign up for an Autoresponder or email newsletter service like Aweber, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or Get Response. Create at least one email Autoresponder that thanks your subscriber for signing up to receive your emails and gives them an extremely valuable report on some “juicy” insider information in your business. Then copy the code that the auto-responder service gives you in order to get a capture form to capture your viewers email addresses, and paste the code so it appears on the top right margin of your blog. This is simply done when you have a WordPress Blog and any of the services I listed here, and several articles online are posted on how to do this. By adding this form to your blog you are then going to be able to build your list of fans. On the Form, tell your views, Join Now and Receive Your Free Report which is what the first email is covers the juicy information you wrote.

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Videos Are How To Become Known In Front of the Camera 

5.  Create Videos from each Article You Wrote. Have you always wanted to be in front of the camera? Well, now it’s your time to shine.  From each article you have already written, create a video teaching about the same information.  Include movement, text and editing in order to keep it engaging with your audience. Include your blog website site link on the video. If you don’t want to be in front of the camera, use software like camstasia, and create a power point presentation and record your voice teaching the valuable information, converting into an online training video. Set up a YouTube Channel and upload each video, titled with the Keyword Phrase included. Link the video back to your blog. You are also going to upload each video into your blog with a condensed version of the article information. In your blog, you then schedule the release of your 90 videos you’ve uploaded already in YouTube. You can schedule to release your blog videos and written post every two to three days. That could be up to almost a year worth on consistent content posting on your blog.

By implementing these steps you should be well on your way to becoming known as an expert, on and off the internet in as little as 90 days. There are also other tools to incorporate including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but the 5 steps above will be the first thing you do to lay your foundation for success.

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